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10 Golden Nuggets That Include Micro-Distinctions Recognized On My Journey That Changed My Life!


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"When you clean your slate and become open to receiving, your life will attract the golden nuggets to step up onto the next level"

Ken Van Liew

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Mel Ebling

Dolf De Roos


"When you see the legacy Ken built in New York City, it's astonishing! If I was wearing a hat, I would take it off to him."

Brandon Mulchahey

Carl Gould,
International Entrepreneur of the Year

"The secret to success in wealth building is deconstructing the complex, and creating a simple blueprint to follow. Ken is a magician when it comes to this! He has engineered a process that will allow you to realize the same level of success that he has experienced. Well done Ken."

William Mattiello

Jack Canfield,

"I know a billionaire who followed Ken's formula."

Get Your Pocketful of GOLDEN NUGGETS!

Course Contents


Welcome Aboard!

Golden Nugget 1

Eliminate Your Listening Filter

Golden Nugget 2

Failure Does Not Exist, Change Your Approach

Golden Nugget 3

Clarity = Leverage = Outcome

Golden Nugget 4

Level Your Playing Field

Golden Nugget 5

Measure Your Level of Awareness

Golden Nugget 6

Be Proactive, The Mind is Designed to Create

Golden Nugget 7

Be the Money

Golden Nugget 8

Laser Focus on End Vision

Golden Nugget 9

Systems - Organization - Systems

Golden Nugget 10

Think BIG!

Get Your Pocketful of GOLDEN NUGGETS!