"How To Start and Accelerate Your Residential Real Estate Investing with No Money!"

Even If You Think YOU Could Never Master Real Estate Investing!


I know you are thinking:

If It Is So Easy, Why Isn't Everyone Doing It?

*** Very good question and the answer is also very simple:

People don't have the knowledge of what to do and they have self-limiting beliefs preventing them from doing it. ***

It's true, and I should know...

Years ago, I was making pennies managing projects for ultra-wealthy investors. They were making millions doing hardly anything while I was working like a dog. I thought you just had to be born into this business to get rich until I found out the secret system he used to get ultra-rich. When I found out his true secrets, I was amazed at how easy it was.

It took me several years to figure out the protocol. But once I did, everything changed. Once I learned this protocol system for doing residential deals, I became very wealthy very quickly.

I immediately used this protocol to do a $14.2 million dollar project with NO Money. I made a lot of money on that deal, more than most investors make in 10 years. That was my FIRST project!

I've used this system for years to do all types of real estate deals and it's made me MILLIONS many times over.

And over the years, I've improved and refined it to make it easier and simpler for making money. Like you, I'm always figuring out better ways of doing things. I would often corner people who knew about residential deals and bribe them to pick up nuggets of information about their business to apply Top-Down Thinking.

Financial Freedom Protocol is my 20+ years of residential real estate expertise packaged together into an easy to follow complete proven step-by-step "how to" system.

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But Don't Take My Word for it!

Listen To What Some Of My Students, Customers, And Investors
Have To Say About The System

Mel Ebling

- Mel Ebling, Hoboken, NJ

I am a Construction Management Consultant in New York City. I work with Ken Van Liew on a $50 million dollar high-rise project where we used his systems. I think they are expert and easy. They are complete. I highly recommend him.

Brandon Mulchahey

Brandon Mulchahey, Queens, New York

Because of Mr. Ken Van Liew, I have drastically changed my life with my family and my personal income. Ken coached me and within one week, I made $95,000 dollars. I advise everyone to hear what he has to say because good things are going to come of it.

William Mattiello

William Mattiello, New York City

Ken Van Liew's system helped me build my restaurant during a very difficult time for me. He made it so easy for me to go through the process of building a restaurant from scratch. I'm really impressed with his way of doing things. He's always very positive, full of energy and it's a pleasure to know him.

Here's Exactly What You Get With

"Financial Freedom Protocol"

Residential Real Estate Tools

  • 10- day quick start challenge & 90-day game plan
  • Residential Real Estate mind map.
  • Entity Formation and structure for success
  • Private money business plan template

And many more

$10,979 value

7-Training Modules

  • Get started in residential investing
  • Residential Real Estate Investing
  • Residential Real Estate Investing
  • Deal Driven Technology

And 3 more

$697 value

Three 3-Residential Real Estate Investing Training Manuals

  • How to START within Residential Real Estate Investing
  • Discover Strategies to RAISE Private Money.
  • How To Implement Top-Down Thinking.

$497 value



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Bonus 1

Special Report -

Residential Real Estate Quick Start

$97 value

Bonus 2

Real Estate Glossary

$49 value

Bonus 3

Subject To and Contractor Hiring 101

$197 value

Bonus 4

PCS Complimentary Consultation on Entity Formation and Taxation Filtration - What the IRS Won’t Tell You!

$997 value

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